Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題1 氏名(            ) DKQ1−1
【問題】次の由美[Yumi]が書いた英文を日本語にしなさい。ただし、(  )の中の語は適する形を
 1.My family and I stayed in America for three years. I ( go ) to an American school.
 2.I ( study ) English,history,math and some other subjects.
 3.I liked math very much.      I didn't study Japanese there.
 4.American students asked many questions in class.
 5.They listened to the teachers carefully,and asked questions.
 6.Last month I came back to Japan.   Now I am studying at a Japanese school.
 7.Japanese students are different from American students.
 8.They do much homework.        But American students do not.
 9.Japanese students listen to the teachers quietly,and don't ask many questions.
 10.One day I was talking with my classmates after school.
 11.They asked many questions about my school life in America.
 12.Then I ( say ) to them,“American students asked many questions very often in class.”
 13.They were surprised.
 14.I can understand my math class well,but my Japanese class is difficult for me.
 15.I told my friends about it,and now they are helping me with my study of Japanese.
 16.They are kind to me.    I am very happy.
   (注) subject:教科   carefully:注意深く    be different from 〜:〜と違っている
      quietly:静かに  be surprised:おどろく  understand:理解する
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題1 氏名(           ) DKQ1−2
 [問1] @〜Bの(   )内の動詞を正しい形にしなさい。
   @          A            B            _  
 [問2] 次の(1)〜(3)は本文の内容についての問答文です。(    )にあてはまる最も適切なものを
  (1) A: (      ) long did Yumi stay in America?
    B: For three years.
       ア What   イ When   ウ How   エ Where
  (2) A: Did American students listen to the teachers carefully?
    B: (             )
       ア Yes, they were.  イ No,they weren't.  ウ Yes,they did.
  (3) A: When did Yumi come back to Japan?
    B: She came back (           )
      ア three years ago   イ last month   ウ last week
 [問3] 次の文の中で本文の内容にあうものを1つ選び、記号で答えなさい。
   ア Yumi didn't study Japanese in America.
   イ Japanese students asked many question in class.   (    )