Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題11 氏名(          ) DKQ11−1
【問題】次の英文を / の区切りごとに日本語にしなさい。また、後の問いに答えなさい。
1  Akira and Yukio were going to a school in the next town / to watch a basketball game.
2 The team of their school / was going to have a game there.
3 They wanted to watch the game very much / because one of their best friends /
              was going to have his last game / in his junior high school life.
4 Akira and Yukio were buying tickets at the station, and just then they saw an old woman.
5 She looked very tired.
6 She was walking very slowly with big bags.      Then She stopped and sat down.
7 Akira went up to her and said,/“ Are you all right ?”      (go up:近づいていく)
8 “ I'm going to the bus stop over there,/ but I can't carry these bags.”
9 Her voice was very   (A)  . “ That's too bad.    I'll be back soon.”
10 Akira came back to Yukio.     “ Come with me,Yukio. She needs some help.”
11 “ But we have no time to lose !    Our train will come soon.”   (lose:むだにする)
12   The two boys looked at the woman again.   She was still sitting there.
13 Akira said,/“Let's help her quickly. We have a few minutes/before the train comes.”
14 “ O.K. Let's go,” Yukio answered.
15 They went to her and said,“ We'll carry your bags.”
16 Her face became   (B) 
17 When they arrived at the bus stop,/ she said many times with all her heart,/
                           “ Thank you very much for your help.”
18   When the boys ran back, / the train was just leaving.
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題11 氏名(          ) DKQ11−2
19 “ Oh,no!       We can't watch the important game,”said Yukio.
20 “ We'll be able to watch a part of the game / if we take the next train,”
21 “ O.K. Let's go anyway.”    They took the next train / to watch the game.
22   A few days later,a letter from the old woman / came to the school of the two boys.
23 All the teachers in the school / were  (D)  / to know the good news.
24 Their teacher told / the story about the boys / to all the student in the classroom.
25 She said,“I don't know who the two boys are / but I'm very proud of them....
26 Akira and Yukio looked at each other with a smile.      (proud of〜:〜を誇りに思う)
    (A) 1 hard   2 weak   3 real   4 wrong     (      )
    (B) 1 angry  2 clean   3 sad    4 bright    (      )
    (C) 1 glad   2 afraid  3 popular  4 lonely    (      )
【問3】下線部(E)で、I'm very proud of them とあるが、先生は彼らのどういう行動について
    1 They went to the next town to watch a basketball game.
    2 They got a train ticket for the old woman at the station.
    3 They told the old woman the way to the bus stop.
    4 They carried the old woman's bags to the bus stop for her.
                                   答 (     )
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題11 氏名(          ) DKQ11−3
1  I am writing this letter to thank two         from your school.
2 I was very tired and could not         at all at the station this morning.
3 The students were so         that they helped me.
4 They carried my big bags.      Thanks to them,I could come home.
5 When I        their names at that time,they didn't tell me and went away quickly.
6 I would like to say“ thank you ”to them again.