Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題13  氏名(           ) DKQ13−1
【問題】次の英文を / の区切りごとに日本語にしなさい。また、後の問いに答えなさい。
1   I have a pen pal in Australia.        Her name is Jane.
2  She is also a junior high school student.            (pen pal:ペンフレンド)
3  We have been pen pals for two years. She sent a school newspaper to me/the other day.
4  She says / that the students at her school / love sports.    (the other day:先日)
5  Today I'll talk / about the sports / they like to watch on TV.
6   What sports do the students like the best?  Please take a look at this chart.
7  About one   (A)  students like to watch football games.
8  When people in Australia talk about football,/ it doesn't mean American football.
9  It means Australian football.       (Australian football:オーストラリア独自の
10 I've never seen it,/ and I want to watch the game.
11   Cricket is their favorite sport,too.               ( favorite:大好きな)
12   (B)  eighty students / like to watch cricket games on TV.
13 Cricket is a kind of ball game / and British people started it.   (cricket:クリケット)
14   (C)  comes after cricket.    Forty students enjoy the sport.
15 Then some other sports come next.
16  I'm very surprised/ to know that       (D)         / at her school,/
             because it is one of the sports Japanese people often watch on TV.
          表 (Chart)
1位 フットボール  102人
2位 クリケット    79人
3位 テニス      40人
 4位 バスケットボール   15人
 5位 ゴルフ         6人
    その他         8人
     合計       250人
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題13  氏名(          ) DKQ13−2
       (A)               (C)          _  
     1 Almost    2 Only    3 All the    4 Just
                                   答え (      )
   I'm 〜 to know that                          at her school,〜
   When did Emi and Jane begin to write to each other?
   They began to write to each other                    _