Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題20  氏名(          ) DKQ20−1
【問題】次の英文を / の区切りごとに日本語にしなさい。また、後の問いに答えなさい。
    (KenとMike が図書室の入口で、図書室の案内図を見ながら話をしている)
Ken:  This is our school library.
Mike: Please tell me about the books you have here.
Ken:  Well,on your right,there are books about sports,fine arts and      
     Literature is there,too.                    ( literature:文学 )
Mike: Oh,Ken,do you have any         
   I'm interested in Japanese/and there are lots of Japanese words I didn't understand.
Ken:  O.K.       You'll find them on your      
     They are between science and social studies.
Mike: All right.    Can I come here to use them after school ?
Ken:  Yes,you can.   I'll also come / because               
     Our teacher will give us a test tomorrow.
Mike: Really ?   Do your best,Ken.   Oh,there are a lot of students in the room.
     The library is       ,isn't it?
Ken:  Yes.  Many students use it after lunch and after school.
     We sometimes have classes in this room,too.
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題20  氏名(          ) DKQ20−2
     (A)          (B)            (C)           _
     1 natural    2 terrible    3 creative   4 popular
                                      (     )
     I'll also come because