Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題9 氏名(          ) DKQ9−1
【問題】次の英文を / の区切りごとに日本語にしなさい。また、後の問いに答えなさい。
1   This afternoon /when Akiko came home from school,/she found a package on her desk.
2 It was from her father working in India.        (India:インド package:小包)
3 She opened the package / and found a beautiful sari / in it.       (sari:サリー)
                                            民族衣装 _
4 The sari was for her birthday.          She liked it very much.
5 She was very glad / because he remembered her birthday.
6 She was going to write a letter / to   (A)  him for the wonderful sari.
7   Last August / her father's company asked him / to work in India.  (company:会社)
8 At that time / he wanted his family / to live in India with him.
9 He said,“ You'll have a good chance / to learn about other cultures.
10 India has a long history and different cultures.
11 For example,there are a lot of different foods and languages.   (broad−minded:寛容)
12 We don't know much about India,/but living in India / will make you broad−minded.
13 After a while / her mother said,/“ I'd like to go with you,but I can't.
14 I have a job.      I won't be able to stop working.”
15 Akiko said,/“ I can't go,either.   I'll be a high school student next spring.
16 But I'd like to go / to see you in India / while you are there.”
17 He went to India / without his family / the next month.
18 Akiko has   (C)  him very much / since then.
19   At dinner this evening,/ Akiko talked about her father / with her mother.
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題9 氏名(          ) DKQ9−2
20 Akiko said,/“ Father has been in India / for almost one year. I want to see him.”
21 Her mother said,“ Let's go to India / to stay with him / during this summer vacation.
22 We'll be able to learn / about different cultures / there.     (experience:経験)
23 In his letters / he always says / he has new experiences almost every day.”
24 Akiko said,/“ Wow,That's great!
25 I'll study more / about India and its people / before we leave.”
26   Now Akiko is writing a letter. She has one more thing / to tell her father.
27 She believes / it will be a big surprise / to him.
    (A) 1 ask     2 show       3 tell      4 thank
    (B) 1 missed    2 remembered    3 helped     4 believed
                            (A)       (B)     _
【問2】下線部(B)で、明子の父親は living in India will make you broad−minded と言って
     1 India has a long history and its culture came into Japan.
     2 The sari from Akiko's father will make her more beautiful in India.
     3 His family will learn about different cultures when they live there.
     4 Akiko will have a good time with her father when she lives there.
                                      答 _
     Why did Akiko's mother say that she couldn't go to India with her husband?
     Because                                   _
Eプリント 中3英語 読解問題9 氏名(          ) DKQ9−3
【問4】下線部(D)の a big surprise とは何か、次の1〜4から1つ選び、記号で答えなさい。
     1 明子が父親からサリーをもらって驚いたこと。
     2 明子と母親が夏休みにインドに行くこと。
     3 明子がインドのことをもっと勉強すること。
     4 明子の父親がインドで毎日新しい経験をしていること。
                                    答  _
  Dear Father,
   I'm glad to get a nice birthday         from you.I'm very pleased with the
   I haven't        you for about one year. It's so lonely without you.
  But now I have good        to tell you.We are going to        you during
            (c)                    (d)
  this summer vacation.I'm so excited to think about my first stay in one of the oldest
  countries in the      .I want to learn a lot of new things there....